Ensuring A Happy Healthy Mind & Soul

Clubs for Student Expressions

Science Club

“Learning by Doing” is the motto of our Science Club to encourage and explore the creative and analytical skills of our students based on their curriculum. Our science club is positioned as a informational gateway for our students to gain more understanding and comprehension and become well versed in scientific concepts. No doubt it also makes science learning easier and interesting.

Maths Club

Our Mathematics Club is aimed at removing the fear of Maths from our students and make maths more interesting. A whole host of activities during the class itself and after class hours is organized for the benefit of our students. Examples include, Concept Quizzes & Games, Counting Skills, Mental Maths, Pyramid Cone, Magic Match Stick, Fractions Formulae, Pascals Triangle etc.

Hindi Club

Our Hindi Club is aimed to showcase the versatility of our National Language. Apart from regular Hindi classes in the school, Children from class III to VIII std are prepared for the Hindi Prachar Sabha exams after the school hours. There are four levels in these classes like – Madhyama, Rashtrabasha, Parthmic and Parichay. Our students are encouraged to write these exams and learn with enthusiasm.

Tamil Literary Club

Our Tamil Club aims to highlight the natural beauty of the great “Tamil” language and promote its use amongst our students. In fact, our school has paved way for many students to showcase their talents through the Tamil Literary Club via poetry, oratory and more.

Cultural Activities

Beyond Academics

Our School has a very strong tradition in cultural activities primarily music, dance, drama and art. Many students are involved in these activities. We employ specialists to work with staff and students to reflect the importance that is attached to this area.

Thirukkural Mandram

For the past nine years, our school had been conducting “Thirukkural Mandram” with pomp and gaiety. We invite other schools for this competition. The sweet dialect of the Tamil language, the impressions of the ink and the versatility in the music always adds colours to the Thirukkural Mandram.

IAYP Program

The International Award for Young People which replaced DAS (The Duke of Edinburgh Award) scheme is pursued with great enthusiasm by many of our students. We are happy to convey that our students excel in this program and continue to get Bronze, Silver and Gold Medals

Tree Planting Program

We inculcate eco awareness amongst our students by organizing Tree Planting every month. Our tree planting program is done in conjunction with the forest department to promote awareness about global warming and the importance of trees and green cover in protecting the environment. Students are encouraged to grow trees in the school green house or at their homes or in their neighbourhoods.

Outdoor Recreation

Our Outdoor Recreation is a new, exciting and challenging programme. Students have the opportunity to find out more about themselves, Co-operate in a team situation, Show leadership, Plan and organise activities, Challenge themselves, Grow in confidence, Experience outdoor recreation, Learn new skills, Gain qualifications, Respect the environment and have fun in the outdoors!

Debating Program

Our School has an active Debating program. Debating is a competition-based activity which combines and develops thinking skills, problem solving, speaking and presenting skills. It requires its participants to be well-reasoned and determined as they attempt to convince both the audience and adjudicator that their side of the moot (topic) should win. Debating is a structured, formal argument that can help students to be better speakers.


Active Body, Active Mind

Our School is strongly committed to student sport. If you think Sport can play a big part in developing your child’s life skills then our School can offer your child the right environment.

We offer a wide range of sporting opportunities that support and challenge students firstly to participate, and secondly to achieve at the highest levels – locally, nationally and internationally. We boast a huge variety of sports that students can participate in, such as:

Outdoor Games

Cricket, Basket Ball, Volley Ball, Shuttle Badminton, Foot Ball, Hand Ball, Kho-Kho, Tennicoit

Indoor Games

Carrom, Chess, Table Tennis

Arts & Crafts

Artistic Endeavours

Students at AVM Rajeswari School don’t just develop scholastic skills, but also deeper capacities as they engage in artistic work in classes in music, singing, dancing, drawing, painting, and sculpting, or in other media, such as textiles or photography, as well as in artistic activities that are woven into their lessons throughout the curriculum.

Painting Club

All our students are encouraged in the Arts and taught to draw. For primary classes, drawing activities like Scribbling, Smudging, Sketch pen combing, Fun drawing, Crayon colouring, Leaf tracing, Rubbing, Finger Printing, Free hand drawing, Thumb Printing are taught.

For Middle School and High School students, Pencil shade, Water colour, Oil colour, Fabric colour, Acrylic colour paintings, Glass Painting, Spray painting, Pot Painting and Clay models are taught.

Craft Works

Our crafts & art programme covers drawing, painting, printmaking, construction and clay modelling. We also encourage students in Paper Folding, Wealth from waste, Vegetable carving, Greeting cards making and Ice cream stick work.